Up and Running

by Kelsey Hightower
Kubernetes: Up and Running
by David Rensin
Kubernetes—Scheduling the Future at Cloud Scale
Docker Networking and Service Discovery
by Michael Hausenblas
Docker Networking and Service Discovery (upcoming)


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Providers & Tooling

The official documentation has a list of local dev, on-prem and fully-managed cloud providers.

  • new Cockpit has a Kubernetes dashboard.
  • new The Firmament cluster manager integrates with Kubernetes through the scheduler plugin Poseidon.
  • new Engine Yard's Helm is a Kubernetes package manager.
  • new Kubernetes Dashboard, a general purpose, web-based UI allowing to manage applications running in the cluster, troubleshoot them, as well as manage the cluster itself.
  • new Kmachine lets you start a single node Kubernetes instance with a docker-machine like CLI.